Will humidity in My House Attract Termites?

Will humidity in My House Attract Termites?

Annette e-mailed in this question:

“If my cellar has high humidity, will that draw termites into the cellar?”

This is certainly a possibility. Termites prefer areas of high humidity – in fact, their colonies are sealed up to preserve humidity inside them, which helps the workers avoid water loss from their bodies.

They often enter houses through cellars or basements because those areas tend to have more moisture.

The main thing to worry about is if the humidity is causing dampness around any of the wood down there.

It’s not just the humidity that could get you – high moisture levels can cause wood decay and make it easier for termites to get in because of it.

As for what you should do about it, it depends on how extreme it is and whether you’re seeing termites swarm in your area. Keep in mind they have to land and establish themselves in the soil outside your house first – it’s just that if they do start a colony in the ground nearby, they may be attracted to your cellar as an ideal food source.

I would suggest looking into a dehumidifier – you can get them on Amazon for as cheap as $50 or so, and that will help you avoid other problems as well like mold or moisture damage. If the humidity is excessive, it’s worth doing something about it even if the termite risk alone isn’t huge.

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