We get rid of snakes in a summer cottage

We get rid of snakes in a summer cottage

With the advent of spring, summer residents go to their country houses to prepare the garden for the new season. But not only pleasant meetings await them. Various pests can spoil being alone with nature. A special place is occupied by reptiles. You should get rid of snakes in a summer cottage as soon as possible, otherwise they can cause irreparable harm to humans and pets.

Restoring order in the country

Due to the rapid growth of construction and the active work of the woodworking industry, deforestation is being carried out in many settlements. Because of this, animals have to look for a new home where they can be safe.

Reptiles love moist and calm places, so they can be seen in garbage depots and in garbage pits. Having penetrated the summer cottages, snakes settle in sheds, garages, lay eggs in thickets of fruit trees and shrubs.

Be sure to collect and throw away all the accumulated garbage, mow the grass, get rid of old barrels, pieces of building material, etc. It will not hurt to unite with neighbors and clean up the territory together. If snakes wound up in a neighboring garden, in the near future they would like to expand their possessions and move beyond the fence.

Snake Repellent Techniques

In stores for gardeners on sale there are special devices for scaring away objectionable animals. These devices create vibration and emit waves that are unpleasant to rodents and reptiles. Due to this effect, pests quickly leave an unfavorable place for them.

Reptiles acutely perceive odors, so you can try the following methods to get rid of snakes:

  1. Burn all the old grass in the garden or leave a smoking rubber tire on the plot for some time.
  2. Scatter dry mustard on the site (1 kg. Per 10 acres).
  3. Break along the perimeter of the cottage several beds of garlic.
  4. Arrange rags soaked in chemicals in different parts of the garden (diesel fuel, mothballs, garden herbicide, etc.).
  5. Hang on the trees, bushes and fences objects that make a noise (bells, rattles); put turntables.
  6. Fence the entire area with a dense picket fence, periodically water it with a special poisonous solution purchased in a store.

Animals – Hunters

Hunting animals will help to quickly rid the cottage of creeping reptiles. One of them is a hedgehog. He will gladly deal with not only snakes, but also with mice, toads, moles.

If you pour a little beer on a plate for a hedgehog, he will turn into an invincible warrior. In a state of easy intoxication, the thorny defender begins to violently exterminate all the strangers encroaching on his territory.

An excellent snake hunter is a dog of the Jagdterrier breed. However, the breeders of such an animal need to remember that it is very aggressive towards strangers (to neighbors, for example).

It should be noted that the adder is listed in the Red Book. Scientists believe that it is impossible to kill a viper, because she is involved in the regulation of the number of mice. The snake is best relocated to another place convenient for her (quiet and humid), where she could hide. Then she will not want to return to the cottage.

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