People Want to Know if You Can Feel Bed Bug Bites

People Want to Know if You Can Feel Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs are blood sucking insects that create severe itching in human beings and cause a lot of physical discomfort. Feeling bed bug bites is not easy and it is not possible to detect bites immediately. The bugs are equipped with specially designed hollow tubes which can inject anesthetics as well as anticoagulants into the body of the host while sucking blood. They use 2 different tubes for the distinct jobs of injecting anesthetic and extracting blood. While the anticoagulants prevent the formation of blood clots, thus facilitating smooth extraction of blood, the anesthetic is useful in creating numbness.

Feeling bed bug bites is almost impossible for those experiencing them because of the presence of the anesthetic in their saliva. Although the bite itself is painless, it can cause severe dermatological reactions later. The skin becomes reddish and severe itching takes place. This makes the host uncomfortable but exact identification of the bug bites becomes difficult. The bed bug bites resemble wounds that might be caused due to biting of other insects like mosquitoes and fleas. If a person is exposed to continuous biting, the individual might develop skin allergies. But the reactions to bed bug bites differ from person to person and the biting patterns may also be different.

The bed bug bites can be spread over large areas on the skin and a swollen wound may result after the bites. Feeling bed bug bites can be quite difficult and when excessive itching occurs, one should not scratch the area as this might complicate the problem further. The emotional damage caused by the bites is more difficult to cope with since it often disturbs the sleeping pattern of an individual and might disrupt daily activities to a certain extent. Topical emollients and corticosteroids can be used for getting rid of the excessive itching caused by bed bug bites.

Oral antihistamine can also be used for treatment of the itching from bed bug bites. Feeling the result of bed bug bites is a particularly disturbing experience and therefore they must be avoided as much as possible. Proper treatment of beds, furniture, clothing, luggage etc. with insecticides and other methods like steam cleaning might produce positive results in getting rid of the bugs. Cleaning and disinfecting rooms become essential for removing the threat of further bug bites. Rows of red colored welts are clear indicators of bed bug bites but any confusion must be cleared by visiting a physician who can give proper advice on treatment and prevention of further allergic reactions.

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