Killing Bugs in Your House

Killing Bugs in Your House

Want to know how to get rid of some pests in your house? Let’s find out the answers in the article below.

First Question

I had an invasion of lady bugs last year and I do not want to get them again in the house, I know that they do the plants alot of good, but when you get several hundred of them I find this too muchg to cope with. Can I do something now to avoid a reoccurrence?


It’s a little late in the year to stop them coming in. Once the days lengthen in the new year they will start o migrate into the warmer rooms of your home. They are currently over-wintering in the attic and siding.

Control is your best option; seal up any cracks and crevices that may allow them access. You can also save heating costs by doing just that. If you can’t do the work yourself or if you just need advice email us.

Second Question

I have moths inside my house, I have some very expensive sweaters and I am worried that they will get damaged.


Don’t panic yet. They may not be the moths that eat clothing such as Webbing Clothing Moth, Casemaking Clothes Moth, Tapestry or Carpet Moth.

Whichever one you’ve got needs to be controlled. If you have several of them (adults) flying around you may need to get professional help to ensure the caterpillars are eliminated and the life cycle is broken.

If the moths are Indian meal moths the life cycle still needs to be broken. Remember, once you see the adults the eggs have already been laid. Indian meal moths need similar treatment but cna often be contained by keeping dry goods in sealed containers especially dried pet food. Look for worms and eggs and clean them up use your vacuum to suck up eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. Dispose of the vacuum bag outside.

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