How many more mice in my house?

How many more mice in my house?

I have a question:

We are having a mouse problem we have already caught six how many more are in my house?


There very well could be. Rodents control reproduce very rapidly and usually. They can have litters from 1-24 although 9-10 is more usual.

Those numbers make my skin go cold. You either live with mice and their nasty side effectas or you eliminate them.

There’s no compromise. An external bait system makes sure they stay outside. When they get in they can do all sorts of damage and their feces and urine can cause many illnesses and horrible smells. If you have already caught 6 there are probably a lot more.

Sets lots of snap traps 10-20 should be enough to knock the population down.

Be vigilant keep the traps in place alongside walls for as long as possible. Get an external baiting programme. Please do not use glue boards they are so cruel. A mouse will try to pull him self off and can take the skin off his feet or nose. Humane traps where you take the little mouse to the woods will be killed by other mice as they are territorial.

There is Another Question about Squirrles

What is going on with all these flying squirrels that I am hearing about, my neighbor had one in her attic and I have one in my basement?


I believe it’s the mild weather of recent winters that’s allowing a population explosion. A normal, very cold winter often causes food shortages and kills the offspring by starvation and same species predation. Yes, thats right! These oh so cute creatures will eat anything, they will especially kill and eat each other to survive.

So, if there’s plenty of food around outside they do not need to eat their young and we then end up with a serious over-population proble.

They are the most difficult of all pests to get rid of. They are nocturnal and gain access to homes through multiple smal holes. They can chew cables and cause fires, they defecate and cause stains and smells and health hazards. They really are a nuisance. They can glide 150 feet or more. So cutting trees down makes little difference. They really have to be trapped and eliminated. There are often groups of 6-8 living together.

Get an inspection to make sure it’s not mice causing the problem. Don’t ignore them. Most people have never seen one, believe me they are all around us.

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