Growing Tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes

Soil Preparation

Tomatoes are a delicate crop, so choose a warm spot in front of a south-facing wall or fence to plant your tomatoes for the best results. During the winter, dig up your plot thoroughly (being careful not to bring clay or granite to the surface) and incorporate a good compost into your soil. Shortly before planting add a good source of fertilizer to the plot. If you lack ground space, you can easily grow excellent tomatoes in 2 gallon sized pots or grow bags, but remember to water them regularly. In addition, regular feeding with a good fertilizer will be necessary.

Sowing and Planting

Sow the seeds into a standard sized pot filled with a good seed starting mix or compost. Before you sow your seeds dampen the compost in your pot and allow it to sit overnight. Sow one seed in each pot by placing the seed on top of the compost in the centre of each pot. Sprinkle a light cover of compost or seed starting mix over the seed keeping the compost moist but not wet for the best results. Keep the newly sown seeds at around 65 degrees for the most rapid germination. When the seeds have sprouted and matured into seedlings that are 6 inches high, transplant the seedlings into your plot, 2 gallon pots or grow bags. It is imortant to wait until after the last frost before planting outside.

Looking after the plants

Tie the main stem of each plant to a cane or provide a cage for each plant. Water and feed the plants regularly, especially in hot weather, to keep the soil moist. Alternating dryness and flooding will lead to many problems, primarily split-fruit and blossom-end rot.


Pick the fruits when ripe and fully-colored. Always harvest the fruit with a sharp knife or pruners to avoid damaging the plant. Enjoy eating the most fabulous tasting tomatoes!

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