Bed Bugs in Hotels Are Frightening for Travelers

Bed Bugs in Hotels Are Frightening for Travelers

Bed bugs are blood sucking insects that are difficult to get rid of and can lead to a lot of trouble for guests. They are active at night and cause red swollen bite marks which are extremely itchy and cause a lot of physical discomfort. Hotels can be easily infested with bed bugs as they travel from one place to the other by attaching themselves to clothing, furniture and other travel accessories.

In recent years, bed bugs have infested hotels and motels of all kinds. The prevention of bed bugs in hotels has become a challenge to hotel management. Even luxurious hotels are suffering from the problem of bed bugs. As the occupancy rates of hotels go up, more and more people are coming into contact with bed bugs. People are often not careful about their luggage and clothing during their stay at a hotel. Unpacking your luggage and storing your clothing in dresser drawers can attract bed bugs that will travel home with you. Storing your luggage on the floor and near wall switches and plates make it easy for the bugs to hide in the cracks, folds and joints of your luggage. Sometimes, the eggs are transferred on your clothing and inside your luggage.

Business travelers and vacationers are routinely susceptible to bed bug infestations as they go through airports, train stations, hotels and motels. The hotels often use various pest control methods to get rid of the bugs, but regular treatment also falters at times, leading to a new infestation. Bed bugs in hotels can cause allergic reactions in guests who might have to take medication for relief from the allergy and the severe itching. It becomes difficult for the hotel management to deal with such problems as guests always expect the best treatment from the hotels when they travel.

However, bed bugs in the hotel industry can be prevented. Proper treatment of luggage, furniture and bedding with insecticides and other cleaning methods such as steam cleaning with the help of an electric heater can prove to be effective. After the departure of each guest, efforts must be taken for complete cleaning of the room. Regular spraying of non-residual insecticides can also prevent the growth of bed bugs. Pest control professionals can also be hired by hotels for regular checking and cleaning of the rooms. This would ensure bed bug free rooms which are ideal for the guests. Thanks to the Internet, we can now find hotel reviews online that will alert us to hotels with bed bug infestations.

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