Author: Michael Knutson

DIY stealth growbox from the system

Today we will introduce you to the option of organizing a stealth 2×4 grow tent using engineering and straight hands. We have prepared a small instruction on how to assemble a grow box from a system unit. If you want to get a compact box, but you don’t want to assemble it yourself, we advise you to pay attention to the ready-made HOMEbox Ambient Q30 grow tent. Its small size (30x30x60 cm) will allow you to place your home greenhouse even in a confined space.

How to assemble a basic installation for indoor marijuana growing

Planning is essential when preparing an indoor area in which to grow your plants. Having the right materials and the right space will be the keys to successful growing like coco coir nutrients for weed. From there on, installation will only be a matter of following a few simple assembly tips.