1. What is Walk In Wireless (WIW)?

WIW is wireless Internet access on your laptop or PDA!

2. How do you access WIW in the Madawaska Library?

Users must have a wireless card already installed in their laptop/notebook, PDA or wireless
device in order to log-on to the wireless network. The system supports 820.11a, 802.11b,
and 802.11g.

Users must agree to the Madawaska Library Wireless Computer Usage Agreement.
Noncompliance with these rules will result in the user being held liable for any damages
incurred and the user's WIW access privileges will be revoked.

The Library staff does not provide any technical assistance for connecting or configuring the
wireless device; this is solely the responsibility of the user.

3. Can I print when I'm on the wireless network?

No, printing is not available through the WIW network.

4. What is meant by an open network?

The Library's wireless network is an "open" network. Any information transmitted or received
through this network is unencrypted and unsecured.

There is:
No software filtering
No blocking of ports
No protection against spammers, viruses, worms or Trojan horses
The Madawaska Public Library will not be held responsible for any damages, direct or
indirect, to your laptop/notebook, PDA or other wireless device, occurring as a result of the
use of our electronic resources.

The Madawaska Public Library offers wireless Internet access free to all of its patrons and
visitors. However, wireless users, like all other users of the Library's computer resources,
must be aware of and comply with the conditions governing their use. Failure to comply with
these conditions may result in being barred from further use of the wireless network and/or
being fined for any damage caused to MPL's system.

5. Where can I find information on other wireless Maine Public Libraries?

List of current libraries with wireless access
Visit Maine State Library's Walk-In Wireless Infrastructure for Public Libraries project
explaining how many public libraries went wireless.

Computer Usage Agreement
Acceptance of the conditions below is a requirement for access to the MSL wireless network.

Conditions for Use of Madawaska Library Wireless Network:

I understand that the MSL wireless network is an “open network” which means that
information transmitted on this network is unencrypted and unsecured.

I further understand that connecting to the MPL Wireless Network is at my own risk and I
agree that the Madawaska Public Library shall have no liability for any damages, direct or
indirect, occurring as a result of the use of MPL electronic resources.

I understand that  Library staff do not provide any technical assistance for wireless
connectivity and that I am solely responsible for connecting and configuring my own

I agree that I will not use MPL computer resources unlawfully. This includes, but is not limited
to, using MPL resources to violate copyright agreements, harass others through the
Internet, or exploit security holes in computers or networks.

I agree not tamper with MPL systems or settings in any way, nor will I save or download
programs or files to the network.

I understand that I will be using my electronic equipment in a public area and that privacy
can not be guaranteed. I agree not to view sexually graphic and/or explicit material, as this is
prohibited on Madawaska Public Library computers.

I agree that if I do not comply with these rules, I will be held liable for any damage my actions
may cause and understand that my privilege to use the Madawaska Public Library's wireless
computer resources may be revoked.
Wireless Internet Access